Finishing service

We can provide a personalized graphic service for the product with the aid of UV digital technology, pad printing, serigraphy, laser & painting.


Technical documentation required by Italtronic


File for optimal machining

As a template for creating a file, we require a drawing/sketch containing all relevant machining dimensions, accepted formats are .dxf, .dwg, .stp. and dimensioned tables. Otherwise, costs based on the complexity of creating a machining file will be charged after notification.

NOTE: If the project includes elements that interfere with our machining (e.g. lightpipes, etc.), samples and the data sheet are required for verification during production.


Optimum print file

The layout must always be a vector graphic (no raster graphics) in Adobe Illustrator, EPS, vector pdf file, SVG format. In the event that part of the file (or the whole file) is not vectorial, it will be possible, except in certain cases (e.g. company logos, complex images, etc.), to reconstruct it for production, subject to notification of the customer.


Digital Printing

The UV digital printing process with photographic quality makes it easy to have the flexibility to produce any type of multi-colour graphic at a competitive price, even for small batches. It is a four-colour UV-catalysed ink-jet printing process with a very small pixel size that does not, however, allow for exactly the required colour shade (RAL or PANTONE scale), fluorescent colours or metallic effect.


Technical specs

Surfaces Print on ABS, PC/ABS, PPO, PC, PMMA, PA
Maximum depth 1,5mm
Colours CMYK + white
Resolution up to1440x1200 dpi
Maximum print size 297x420 mm


Download PDF catalogue for further information